Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pixar Pays Tribute to Steve Jobs in Brave

Diana Walker/SJ/Contour by Getty

Pixar's film Brave will not only have a touching storyline, but the end credits are sure to draw a few more tears as Pixar will include a special tribute to Steve Jobs.

According the the Wall Street Journal blog (Speakeasy), an early cut of Brave featured a title card at the end dedicating the film to Steve Jobs (Apple co-founder and CEO of Pixar Studios) - Making Brave one of the few films to acknowledge Jobs' untimely death.  The blog describes the credits by saying, "In the movie, which is about a young girl in Scotland who seeks her place in the world, ghostly creatures called will-o’-the-wisps are said to lead people to their destiny.  During the credits of an unfinished version of the film, a will-o’-the-wisp flits on screen around Jobs’s name."

As a side note - in September 2011, we went to Disney World and Julie wore her custom "Steve Jobs" mickey ears - and we credit Steve for allowing us to "Think Different".  He may have been a man that many considered to be brash, but he was also a man of great vision.  His ability to inspire and captivate people are the traits that T.J. is most drawn to.

This also makes us think that Lord Macintosh may be a nod to Steve as well - any thoughts?

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