Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New 'Finding Dory' Trailer Highlights Friendship & Support with Touching Heartwarming Moments

With beautiful animation, peeks at new characters and heartwarming moments that are sure to bring tears to your eyes - the latest Finding Dory trailer definitely does not disappoint. Set with a familiar underwater tone that only composer Thomas Newman could provide (as well as, Peter Gabriel's Solsbury Hill), the trailer highlights a different version of Dory's journey capturing various moments of her youth. In one scene in particular, we are introduced to a fish couple (voiced by SNL favorites Bill Hader and Kate McKinnon) as they search for a tiny voice in need of help - thus Dory's search for her parents begins.

The trailer then shifts its focus on new characters both in and around the Marine Life Institute - with glimpses at crabs living out of discarded cans, Gerald the seal lion and an ominous ocean predator that will give you flashbacks of the shark trio from Finding Nemo. The message of support and friendship between Dory and other various characters is showcased within numerous scenes including a heartwarming embrace with Hank the "septopus" (voiced by Ed O'Neill)  after he appeared to "ink" in the touch-pool.

Watch the trailer below (via The Ellen Show YouTube channel) and share your thoughts with other Pixar fans in the Pixar Post Forum or by leaving a comment below. Additionally, don't forget to join our live discussion May 25 at 10:00 PM EST after the Finding Nemo airing and Finding Dory "special look" on May 25 at 8:00 PM EST- details below.


You can also join us on May 25 at 10:00 PM EST / 7:00 PM PST (after the Finding Nemo airing and Finding Dory special look from 8:00-10:00 PM EST) to discuss the trailer in more detail on our Live On-Air Google Hangout. Watch directly on Google+, on YouTube or watch along right here (with the embedded video below). We'll also compile reader feedback from the forum and Twitter for our On-Air Hangout as well, so leave a comment below, in the forum or tweet us using hashtag #FindingDoryPP and we may share your thoughts!

Monday, May 23, 2016

New 'Finding Dory' Trailer to Premiere May 24 on The Ellen Degeneres Show

Pixar has just released two new teaser videos noting that the next trailer for Finding Dory will be premiering on the Ellen DeGeneres show Tuesday, May 24. The first teaser gives us a quick glimpse of the sea lion duo (Fluke and Rudder) swimming in the bay of the Marine Life Institute - previous trailers showcased the pair only sitting on their rock, so this short animation has us excited about their storyline within the film. While you watch the teaser be sure to listen carefully as you may briefly hear a familiar "FEAR-ful" voice. The second teaser showcases the vocal cast of Finding Dory singing the ever-popular "Just Keep Swimming" tune.

Thanks to the keen eye of some of our readers we know that the approximate run-time for the trailer will be 2:27 (as noted on Alberta Film Ratings). We can't wait to see what new details will be revealed in the new trailer and to celebrate we will be holding a live on-air hangout discussion on Wednesday May 25 (information below). In the meantime, be sure to head to the Pixar Post Forum and chat about all the latest Finding Dory news.


You can also join us on May 25 at 10:00 PM EST / 7:00 PM PST to discuss the trailer in more detail on our Live On-Air Google Hangout. Watch directly on Google+, on YouTube or watch along right here (with the embedded video below). We'll also compile reader feedback from the forum and Twitter for our On-Air Hangout as well, so leave a comment below, in the forum or tweet us using hashtag #FindingDoryPP and we may share your thoughts!

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'The Art of Finding Dory' Book Review - 176 Pages of Animation Details & Insights

The Art of Finding Dory Book

What is it about Pixar that makes us fall in love with their films? Is it the characters? The story? Or is it something else? Of course, there isn't one element you can easily define that makes a Pixar film have its signature feel — It's the synergy of many components. It's the attention to detail, the passion and the team's commitment to making a quality film that makes us tear up, get goosebumps and excitedly tell our friends about a little blue fish we met in the theater named, Dory.

The Art of Finding Dory is 176 pages of in-depth looks into the history of the film. From early character sketches on scrap paper, to graphic artist renditions of logos or posters that dress the sets of the film, there's no better way to dive into the background of the movie than by flipping through the pages. This book goes back to the roots of the "art of" series and provides countless storyboards, colorscripts and text which provides even more insights into the art which fills the pages.

Watch our video review below as we provide a peek at several of the pages (with no spoilers) as well as brief excerpt from John Lasseter's Preface and Andrew Stanton's Foreword. If you've been a fan of the "art of" books before, you're certain to love The Art of Finding Dory — if this is your first foray into an art book, there's no better place to jump in. Pick up a copy of the book from Amazon using the links below.

Friday, May 20, 2016

'Finding Dory' Disney Infinity 3.0 Play Set - Plot Details, Gameplay & Character Looks

Although the Disney Infinity franchise will be coming to a close in the coming months, the Finding Dory and Alice Through The Looking Glass play sets will still release before the team official wraps up the platform. Today, the official Disney Infinity site provided updated play set plot details and descriptions for Dory and Nemo (as spotted by Dan of Disney Infinity Codes). We anticipate that the site will be updated with an additional gameplay trailer as well as news of the other play set characters very soon (this post will be updated upon their announcement).

While we wait for the June release of the play set, check out the additional details below.


After hearing about an unexpected flood at the Marine Life Institute, Dory, Nemo, Marlin, and friends rush to the aid of the lost fish to help them find their way to safety before the tanks are drained.


Dory: The Ocean’s friendliest forgetful blue tang explores the Marine Life Institute as she guides lost fish to a new home.

Sia Will Make a Splash In 'Finding Dory' Singing 'Unforgettable' In The End Credits

Image of Dory dressed as Sia with her wig

Singer-songwriter Sia will make her Pixar debut as she joins the Finding Dory team performing the end credit song, 'Unforgettable'. The classic song is widely known for the Natalie Cole tribute duet with her late father Nat King Cole back in 1992 — though it dates back to 1951 when songwriter, Irving Gordon originally created the timeless tune.

Creating a modern rendition of the song, Sia gushed about her fondness for the forgetful Blue Tang fish stating, "Dory's story makes me teary...when Ellen asked me, I couldn't refuse!".  It wasn't just Ellen who admired the wig-wearing singer as Finding Dory director Andrew Stanton has long been a fan of Sia and expressed his admiration for her addition to the film,
"In the same way Robbie Williams did his own unique twist on a classic song for 'Finding Nemo,' Sia captures the soulful truth of the Nat King Cole classic 'Unforgettable,' and makes it all her own," said Stanton. "They are a perfect complement to one another, just like the two films.
The Ellen Show will debut Sia's performance of 'Unforgettable' today (May 20), check your local listings or view it directly below. The Finding Dory soundtrack featuring Thomas Newman's score and Sia's rendition of 'Unforgettable' will be available from Walt Disney Records on June 17, 2016.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Your Chance Bid on a Private Tour of Pixar Animation Studios

Would you like the opportunity to go behind the scenes at Pixar Animation Studios? If so, this is your chance to bid on an exclusive 3-hour tour of the famed studio. The auction package offers (up to) eight guests the chance have a private guided tour by Pixar Lead Animation Artist, Arik Ehle, along with lunch in the Pixar atrium (where you may also spot a few familiar Pixar faces). This is a unique one-of-a-kind experience as Pixar Animation Studios is not open to the public and regular tours/tickets cannot be purchased.

This auction is part of the annual Singing Stones School (Walnut Creek, CA) Renaissance Ball with online bidding ending Saturday May, 21 2016 at 6:00PM EST. Please note that this is a pre-bid for a live auction that will take place on Saturday May 21 and is expected to close by 10:00PM PST. The highest online bid will carry over to the live auction with the winner notified by email (if not present). Additional guidelines for the auction can be found on Bidding Owl.

Five New Hilarious 'Finding Dory' International Promotional Posters

Hank Holding Dory in Goggles

Could Hank and Dory relax in a movie theater? Can Hank disguise himself as a topiary? All these scenarios and more can be seen in the set of five new hilarious Finding Dory international posters promoting the release of the film. Check out the posters below – we bet you'll crack a smile seeing all the creative containers Hank the septopus uses to carry Dory around in – it ranges from a pair of scuba goggles to a child's "sippy" cup. Finding Dory hits North American theaters on June 17, 2016.

Hank and Dory relaxing in a movie theater

To view even more Finding Dory posters (including other international and domestic versions) visit the Pixar Post Gallery and be sure to share your thought on your favorite international poster in the Pixar Post Forum or by leaving a comment below.

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