Wednesday, May 27, 2015

'Inside Out' Behind-The-Scenes: From Concept to Layout to Screen

If there's one thing that we've learned while talking about and studying Pixar's films, it's that the background of making the film is equally as enthralling as the film itself. The creation of content from the story team, editorial team, animators, rigging artists, lighters and countless more is nothing short of inspirational. As we continue to explore the making of Inside Out through our visit to Pixar Animation Studios, we've been lucky enough to learn an amazing amount about the film from a few of the key players who worked on the upcoming film.

Not only did we want to continue our podcast interviews highlighting a behind-the-scenes look at the film, but we also wanted to visually explore some of the concept artwork with some additional details to help show how a scene develops.

STORY – This storyboard was drawn by Inside Out Story Supervisor Josh Cooley. Storyboards are drawn by story artists for the purpose of pre-visualizing the film. They are placed side by side in sequence, so that they convey scenes and deliver a rough sense of how the story unfolds. This storyboard is one of approximately 177,096 drawn, of which 127,781 were delivered to Editorial. The storyboarding process, in the form it is known today, was developed at Walt Disney Studios during the early 1930s.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bing Bong Delights in New 'Inside Out' Trailer

A newly released trailer for Inside Out (via CBR Trailers) continues to showcase the unique story and inner-workings into the mind of an 11-year old girl named, Riley. The film which has already been highly praised at the Cannes Film Festival continues to captivate fans with a few unreleased comical glimpses of Riley's delightful imaginary friend, Bing Bong. We have seen quite a bit of footage on the five main emotions in past clips, however it's the elusive cotton-candied elephant with the raccoon tail that keeps fans wanting more. Voiced by the endearing Pixar vocal veteran, Richard Kind, Bing Bong springs to life with warmth and charm that will no doubt leave the audience rooting for him from the moment he is introduced on the screen.

As a side note, during the trailer we noticed a Wall-e stylized name on a film camera at Dream Productions, "CAM.R-1". Do you think the camera name was inspired from the film Wall-e? Be sure to share your thoughts on everything Inside Out with other Pixar fans in the Pixar Post Forum.

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New 'Inside Out' Clip Features Humorous Moment with Fear

A new Inside Out clip showcasing another humorous moment with Fear was released exclusively on Amazon (embedded via CBR Trailers YouTube) featuring Riley sitting in front of a television in a darkened room watching a scary film titled, "Shoes of Doom". Adding both realism and drama to the mocked horror film, the Inside Out team created two eye-catching reflections of Riley on the window panes in the room. Completing the ambiance, the lighting team created a unique sterile glow as Riley anxiously watched the old black-and-white thriller. The humor begins as Fear explains to Joy, "I'm not scared of everything" - quickly rethinking his statement and running over to the controls. Joining the previously released clips, this new marketing footage continues to keep us excited for the June 19, theatrical release of Inside Out.

Be sure to share your thoughts on everything Inside Out with other Pixar fans on the Pixar Post Forum

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

John Lasseter Shines Spotlight on 'The Good Dinosaur' and 'Finding Dory' at The Cannes Film Festival

Audiences attending the Cannes Film Festival were in for a treat on Wednesday morning, as John Lasseter gave a detailed two-hour presentation on the upcoming film slate for Disney and Pixar. Audiences cheered with excitement, as unreleased plot details surrounding The Good Dinosaur and Finding Dory were revealed. As we share these details we wanted to point out that the descriptions now include new characters and situations from the films - in case you are avoiding them. Beginning with The Good Dinosaur, Variety notes;
The story centers on Arlo (Lucas Neff), an Apatosaurus, who after losing his father in a tragic accident, falls into a river, gets knocked out by a rock and finds himself in a land far away. As he makes the trek back to home to the Clawed-Tooth Mountains, he befriends a human cave-boy named Spot. “This is a boy and a dog story, but the roles are reversed,” Lasseter said. “Arlo, the dinosaur, is the boy in the story and Spot is the dog”—meaning Arlo stands upright and speaks, while Spot travels on his hands and feet and grunts.

The presentation continued to focus on The Good Dinosaur as Lasseter began to reveal character images of the dinosaurs. The audience admired T-Rexes, a Pterodactyl and a shaggy Velociraptor which Lasseter joked, “The feathers on the Veliraptor look like the haircuts of famous football players...we’re putting our own unique Pixar spin on the dinosaur world." Moving onto the next character (the environment), which was highlighted in one of the clips shown, as Arlo and Spot chase fireflies into a forest. “It’s unlike anything we’ve had before,” Lasseter said. “The level of believability we’re striving for in this film is going to be breathtaking.” If you remember, the film Brave was set in the beautiful Scottish hills and was animated with such realism that it appeared to be filmed with a live-action camera. So, hearing that The Good Dinosaur team is 'striving for more' has us excited to be immersed into this new world.

Who will be the musical composer for the The Good Dinosaur? According to Games Radar, it appears that Mychael Danna (known for Life of Pi) will compose the film. Back in April it was announced that Danna would make his Pixar composing debut for Sanjay's Super Team (the short paired with The Good Dinosaur). As fans begin to delve into his past work to learn about his musical point of view - we look forward to hear soundbites in the release of the official The Good Dinosaur trailer.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

'Inside Out' Advanced Screening & Masterclass with Pete Docter at the LA Film Festival

Photo via Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times

As rave reviews of Inside Out keeping pouring in, it's hard to believe that director Pete Docter once felt that a story issue with the film may have put his residency at Pixar in jeopardy. In a recent interview with the LA Times, Docter touched on his moments of insecurity and reminded us all that "we're people" and that self-doubt is often an artists stepping stone.
"We're insecure. You can have Academy Awards sitting in your office, but you still feel like, that was probably just a fluke. That was probably the right combination of things that happened. Can I do that again? I have no idea." - Pete Docter
On June 9, Docter will be on hand at the LA Film Festival to hold a masterclass-like discussion following an early screening of Inside Out. Fans and aspiring filmmakers will have the opportunity to learn more insights from this inspiring director who stated, "[Directing] was not natural to me, if I rewind back to 'Monsters,' I still do not know whose idea it was to let me direct. That was weird. 'Cause I'm not a natural alpha male leader type." It just goes to show you, that although you may doubt yourself, if you surround yourself with a collaborative and supportive team there is nothing you can't accomplish. Tickets for this great event won't last long and are currently available through the LA Film Festival website.

If you are unable to attend the LA Film Festival event, you still may have the opportunity to join a unique early screening of the full-length feature film (along with the short Lava).  On Tuesday, June 16 in hundreds of movie theaters across the U.S. an exclusive one-night event will include a LIVE Q&A with director Pete Docter, producer Jonas Rivera and the voice of Joy, Amy Poehler (who will be present via satellite from their Australian press tour). The screening which will be presented by Disney and Fathom Events will also feature 15-minutes of bonus behind-the-scenes footage. Tickets can be purchased by Fathom Events or Fandango.

Be sure to share your thoughts Inside Out with other Pixar fans on the Pixar Post Forum regarding the screening - who's attending?

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Monday, May 18, 2015

New 'Inside Out' Airplane & Long Term Memory Clips

Two official Inside Out clips were released featuring an additional look at Sadness and Joy's trip through long term memory, including a certain action that seems to calm Anger down - the tried-and-true "airplane" baby feeding trick. The new footage highlights the orchestration of the emotions as they work together and remember, the vocal cast noted"if there's one thing these different emotions have in common, it's that they're all about taking care of you". In addition to the new clips from the Disney•Pixar YouTube channel, we also added a large gallery of high resolution images to our "Peek Into The Cannes Inside Out Press Conference" post - check them out.

A Peek at into The 'Inside Out' Press Conference at The Cannes Film Festival - UPDATED

Photo via The Cannes Film Festival Photocall

The cast and crew of Inside Out have many reasons to be 'Joy'ful today, as the film held its world premiere in beautiful Cannes, France. On hand for the premiere were director Pete Docter, producer Jonas Rivera and Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter who were joined by Amy Poehler (voice of Joy), Mindy Kaling (voice of Disgust) and Phyllis Smith (voice of Sadness). In addition, members of the French vocal cast were also in attendance and participated with the group in an engaging press conference following the screening of the film. The live Q&A session streamed on the official Cannes Film Festival YouTube channel and while it was captivating - many questions and remarks did reveal unreleased details surrounding the film. While we will omit those details (to prevent spoilers), we did enjoy hearing the comical reason that the character Bing Bong is made of cotton candy.
John Lasseter: Why is he (Bing Bong) made of cotton candy, Pete?
Pete Docter: Because I just like cotton candy.
As the press conference continued John Lasseter spoke about the evolution of computer animated films - with over 250 films produced since the release of Toy Story (which celebrates its 20th Anniversary later this year). He reminded the audience, "If you use technology correctly you can change opinions overnight", which may sound familiar as he touched on this very topic during a discussion on May 12 for "The New Audience: Moviegoing in a Connected World" panel. The audience, who could hardly contain their excitement for both cast and crew gushed about their love for Inside Out and Pixar Animation Studios - stating "Best film I've seen here in Cannes" and "You're the Best storytellers - period". With glowing remarks such as these it's no wonder that the anticipation for the theatrical release of Inside Out continues to grow.