Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Episode 002 of the Pixar Post Podcast

We're excited to announce our second episode of the Pixar Post Podcast - in this episode we cover (click any link to read additional details):

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Update from Episode 001

  • Thank you for the feedback from our readers
  • Logo redesign is still under development
  • New voicemail tip line
  • Pixar Post has joined the Vine community (newest social media video-sharing service) - find us with user name "Pixar Post"

Pixar Canada

Amir Nasrabadi (VP & General Mgr of Pixar Canada) with PartySaurus Rex

PartySaurus Rex hanging out during a morning meeting at Pixar Canada

Mark Andrews

Spin Master's Toy Agreement

  • Toymaker, Spin Master signed a master agreement to produce the official Monsters University toys for the upcoming movie.

Disney Infinity Update

The Blue Umbrella News

A Bug's Life - Director's Commentary

  • We discuss our highlights from the director's commentary review of A Bug's Life (with John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich)

Day and Night - Director's Commentary

We hope you like our second episode - please feel free to let us know any feedback you have regarding episode 002.

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