Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Brave Easter Eggs Revealed

Several Brave easter eggs that have been searched for since the films release have been revealed. If you've watched Brave and drove yourself nuts attempting to locate the famed pizza planet truck, or the hidden Pixar character - well, you're in luck.  Two images have been released (images below) showing the high resolution images of two hidden items - if you don't want to see any spoilers or want to search for them yourself, please do not continue reading.

NOTE - Several, if not all of the other Pixar blogs and websites (including Huffington Post) out there that have listed this have stated that these images were officially released by Disney Pixar or Walt Disney Studios - but haven't provided any official link. I could be wrong, but this does make me think that these may be unofficially released - if anyone comes across the official link, please let me know but as of this point I have searched no less than ten other sites that list these images without an official reference.

The first image shows the location of the pizza planet truck as the Witch tries to convince Merida she's solely a wood carver.

Click to enlarge - The pizza planet truck can be seen under the Witch's right hand

The second image shows a hidden Sulley from the upcoming film, Monsters University.  In true Pixar fashion, they often hide characters from upcoming movies in their current films. We knew there would be a hidden Monsters University character from Pixarian, Cat Hick's Twitter post on June 25.

Click to enlarge - Sulley can be seen in the lower right-hand area of the shot as a celtic burning  on a tree stump

This still leaves us with confirming where the A113 is officially located (some have said it's in roman numerals near the standing stones and others have said it's on the wall behind a bear when Merida is giving her speech about finding love in your own time) as well as the Pixar ball (some have speculated it's on a shield).

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Pixar Post - T.J.