Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pixarian Nick Pitera Newsies Medley!

Pixarian Nick Pitera - who's work includes La Luna, Cars 2 and Up is just oozing with talent.  Not only does he work at our beloved Pixar Animation Studios as a 3D Modeling Artist but Nick has been busy singing his heart out on his YouTube channel goonieman86.

This past week Nick was in New York City where he was interviewed by Stage Tube - posted on - where they posted a short interview as well as a video of Nick's One Man Newsies Medley.  

Before we get to the video, here's a snippet from that interview:

Pitera says, "Newsies was one of my favorite movies as a kid.  I'm so glad it has been translated into a Broadway production! (I'm going to see it next weekend). This is my tribute to the show as well as the film.  The songs I chose to include reflect the arrangements/lyrics of the Broadway show, with the exception of the "Patrick's Mother's" solo.  I just really wanted to sing that part."

Pixar Post - Julie